thermally modified wood

thermally modified wood

Thermal modification on the plastic wood production technology has been in use for a long time, the utilization in the market has grown to consumers more and more attention of timber species. In addition, the supply and tropical timber prices has made many tropical species wood modification, financially is feasible. Wood can be modified by heat treatment (thermal deformation) or chemical processing, such as acetylation . All modification technology will change the important timber properties, such as hygroscopicity and dimensional stability, durability, hardness and color, their goal is to improve the advantages of wood. Although the volume of the chemical modification of wood on the market is very small, hot modified wood products and wood plastic composite material is widely used at present.

Market hot modified wood, sometimes referred to as heat treatment of wood, in the past ten years has made considerable development. Compared with other wood modification methods, in the market, the thermal modification is one of the most successful. In the process, wood is the heating temperature between 180 ℃ and 230 ℃ in a stainless steel furnace The chemical composition of the wood of the permanent change, providing improved durability and performance.

Initially, the thermal deformation case is regarded as alternative to chemical preservatives. Although this mentality still exists, to a certain extent, many manufacturers are loosened to claim the thermal durability of modified wood. Instead, they focus on compared to other natural durability of wood species of color change, improve dimensional stability, and improve the durability of the.

Products have been on the market in Europe by the longest, hot modified wood competition most tropical timber species, but also with the western red cedar siding, decoration and other outdoor applications. The ability of most of the thermal deformation in Europe are directed to the treatment of cork modified cork wall plate and the durability and stability of the decoration industry improvements, as well as eliminate with the help of the pines and spruce resin hemorrhage lasting species competition with nature. Some vendors own product line diversification into other areas, such as wall panel forming and furniture.Hot modified wood also into the hot sauna market in Europe, and other features.

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