The importance of wood drying

The importance of wood drying

The 21st century is in a shortage of resources, will need much energy-saving and environmental protection, especially our timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce, but China’s timber resource utilization is not high. The waste of timber, mostly due to the wet unseasoned wood, or mishandled, resulting in falling timber, etc. even lost value. Fresh wood contains a lot of water, constantly evaporating water branch in a particular environment. Natural evaporation of moisture will cause the wood will shrink, cracking, bending, mildew and other defects seriously affect the quality of wood products, so the timber is made of various types of wood before the wood drying equipment must be used to force the timber (by control) drying. Use appropriate timber wood drying equipment can overcome these shortcomings:

(1) to prevent deformation of the wood cracking;

(2) increase the mechanical strength of the timber, improve the physical properties;

(3) to prevent wood decay insects;

(4) reduce the weight of the wood.

Wood drying equipment is the rational use of wood to make important technical measure timber value-added wood products is also indispensable for the primary device. So in terms of product quality or from the point of view of economic efficiency, the use of wood drying equipment for timber drying operations are one of the key aspects of the production of wood products pivotal.

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