The defects of wood drying

The defects of wood drying

Wood drying, on the production if the incorrect drying process, the drying of wood will be due to uneven shrinkage, plasticizing fixed deformation and internal stress the role of reason and produce various kinds of defects such as:

(1) craze.In cracking area can be divided into different end crack, surface crack, crack (honeycombing) within three, are uneven drying, evaporation rate is differ, the parts have caused by local stress.Prevent drying method is to adjust benchmark, reducing the speed of evaporation.

(2).According to the different shapes can be divided into arched (bending) along the lines and curved bending (horizontal stripes).Prevent method is the proper use of every article to stow wood, and on top of the wood pile place heavy objects.

(3) warp.Is a kind of compound deformation, bending, arched bending, torsion and often occur at the same time, make the loss of wood use value.Adopt the appropriate state saturated steam treatment, can make the warp degree of relief.

(4) shrivel.Wood surface is uneven contraction, the shrinkage is often associated internal crack.Soft benchmark drying, appropriate to reduce the drying temperature, to a certain extent, can prevent the shrinkage.

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