Test phase of the wood drying

Test phase of the wood drying

Experimental wood drying, or is preliminary and promising.Mainly includes:

(1) solar drying.Wood pile in east, west, south three surface drying kiln with glass wall, solar energy as the main heat source, or use the set to implement and strengthen heat energy utilization, storage heat exchanger with hot gas burning fuels as auxiliary heat source, use water jet and vent to adjust the humidity, with fan forced circulation, the purpose of drying.

(2) vacuum drying.Put the wood in the vacuum tank heating, vacuum, caused by internal to the surface of wood and water vapor pressure difference from the surface to the outside world;Again due to the moisture inside the wood in a vacuum, the boiling point is reduced, easy to gasification, and makes the moisture to evaporate easily from the timber and out of a vacuum tank.

(3) microwave drying.In the heater or tortuous waveguide cavity heater, due to the microwave tube, frequency of 915 or 2450 MHZ electromagnetic effect, internal heat due to friction between the molecules, forming the high low vapor pressure difference, wood drying.The rare wood can be used to dry.

(4) infrared drying.Put lumber in the illuminate of radiation plate, pipe, accept the near infrared wavelength (0.76 ~ 4 micron) or far infrared wavelength (4 ~ 1000 microns) heat rays radiation, the moisture in wood absorb radiant energy to produce resonance phenomenon, can make a rapid increase in temperature causes moisture to evaporate.Far infrared ray radiation heat conversion rate is better than that of the near infrared.If material heap drying method, the infrared radiation components mainly plays a role of heater.

(5) dehumidification drying.Drawn from the stove hot humid air was forced through the dehydrating unit evaporator, heat energy is contained within the evaporator gaseous refrigerant absorbs the moisture content condenses into water and be discharged;Person when air flows through the condenser;Inside the liquid refrigerant from the condenser to absorb heat energy, become a hot dry state, and further improve the temperature when by resistance wire heater, again into the kiln as the medium.This method in addition to the solar drying, most problems such as investment costs needed for large, is further study to improve.

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