Technical Advisor

Technical Advisors
Gu Lianbai, Professor, PhD
Professor Gu is a doctoral tutor at Nanjing Forestry University and an expert in wood science and technology.  He was selected as PhD supervisor by the Chinese state council degree committee in 1994, focusing on wood drying and changing of wood physical properties. Serving as the chairperson of the Chinese Society Forestry for Wood Drying Research Association in wood industry branch, Professor Gu hosts many scientific research projects during Chinese Government’s 8th and 9th Five-Year Plan, including “wood drying research by cyclone combustion method”, “Short Cycle Industrial Wood Drying Technology” and many other researches that are widely quoted in wood drying equipment production. Gu has won national and provincial science technology progress award, the highest award in science and technology in China twice. He is also selected as the national level young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution and enjoys special allowance of state council. Professor has published 5 books, among which “Wood Processing Technology” has won the national excellent teaching material for senior agricultural colleges in 2005, and has published nearly hundred academic theses.
Cai Jiabing, Associate Professor, PhD
Professor Cai is associate director of institute of wood industry for wood science and engineering department at Nanjing Forestry University. His main research interests include wood processing and wood drying and modification. He owns 8 patents, 1 treatise and numerous research projects in China.
Dong Huijun, Lecturer, PhD
Professor Dong teaches wood science and engineering in Nanjing Forestry University, including topics in wood drying research.