Reliability of wood drying equipment

Reliability of wood drying equipment

Wood drying equipment reliability depends on the manufacturer of technology, equipment configuration, and after-sale technical service, the primary concern is the performance and quality of the equipment.

In general, dry indoor cycling fan material for aluminum die should, which leaves symmetrical twisted wing to ensure high strength, corrosion resistance and high efficiency. The motor should be matched directly connected to the H-class motor insulation temperature moisture. Circulating fan should ensure material flow through the stack gas velocity was 1.5 ~ 2.0m / s. Flow rate is too low, the impact of the uniformity of wood drying and drying speed; flow rate is too high, unnecessarily increasing the power consumption and drying costs.

Drying chamber heater should normally be steel-aluminum finned tubes, heat the general area should reach 2 ~ 5m2 / m3 was dry wood. It should be noted that, when dry, oak and other trees, wood will release a lot of corrosive acids, so particular attention to strengthening the maintenance of drying equipment. No matter what kind of drying equipment used, its life are related to maintenance levels.

The introduction of a wood drying equipment reliability, we hope to understand more information, please

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