Wood Vacuum Dryer XNZ Series

Wood Vacuum Dryer XNZ Series

  • Work in vacuum state and high negative pressure, with anti-corrosion chamber
  • Electric-valve control the heating system, with contact and hot-pressing method to heat
  • Water-ring vacuum pump: compact structure, large throughput, stable flow and reliable operation
  • Self-drainage during the work time, effective cooling system for work end
  • Quick, easy and high accuracy Electrical measuring method for wood moisture content
  • Semi- automatic/ automatic XN-VD10 Controller


  • Description

Product Description


XNZ series Wood Vacuum Dry equipment is developed and improved by Jiangsu XINAN Wood Drying Equipment Co., Ltd for sawing and rotary cutting boards, hard-to-dry wood boards drying demand, according to the market feedback and user requirements. With reasonable structure, stable performance, complete specification, fast drying speed, good drying quality advantages, the wood vacuum dryer helps customer to solve drying hard nut on thin boards and hard-to-dry wood species.



Model XNZ-4F XNZ-6F XNZ-10F XNZ-15F
Chamber dimension(mm) 5500×1600×1400 7500×1600×1400 9500×1600×1400 9500×2200×1800
Timber Dimension(mm) 4000×1400×1280 6000×1400×1280 8000×1400×1280 8000×2000×1680
Fan Power


9 11 15 17
Heating plate Quantity 24 24 24 31
Board Quantity 23 23 23 30
Timber Loading Method Rail car Rail car Rail car Rail car