Fast Drying Kilns for Soft Wood

Fast Drying Kilns for Soft Wood

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Product Description


XVT wood fast drying kiln has 3 normal models that combines technology from VORTEX Engineering LTD in New Zealand with 20 years of history and Tachikawa Forest Products LTD in Japan with 10 years of experiences in wood drying. Xinan redesigned kiln’s model based on customer’s needs with low investment, keeping advanced quality of VORTEX’s products.

Main technology coefficient of Fast Drying Kilns for Soft Wood

Model Capacity


Dimension of kiln (m) Dimension of stack(m) Fan(set) Wind Velocity


Thermal power


Drying quantity /year


XVT 60 13.4×5.0×7.12 12.0×2.5×3.8 4 5 120 9500
XVT 80 17.4×5.0×7.12 16.0×2.5×3.8 5 5 160 11400
XVT 100 21.4×5.0×7.12 20.0×2.5×3.8 7 5 200 15700

Note: the drying quantity per year is calculated by the 40mm thick Radiate Pine, with initial moisture of 120% and ending moisture of 10%. The drying time per cycle is 50 hours, not including the cooling time. The working time is 11 months per year.


Computer control interface for XVT fast wood drying kiln

     Wood drying equipment control interface