Spare Parts for Wood Drying Equpment

  • how water boilerHot Water Boiler with Wood Waste as Fuel flow chart

    Hot Water Boiler with Wood Waste as Fuel

    • This system is safe and reliable, and features energy and capital saving, coolant and water saving, and low running cost.
    • It has wide usage, high thermal efficiency, generates zero pollution and keeps temperature stable.
    • The system features hot water circulating system and automatic screw transporting system.
  • Automatic Wood Drying Control System (Imported)

    Automatic Wood Drying Control System (Imported)

    • uses HOLZMEISTER, which supports individual programs and is very stable
    • Heating, conditional venting and the running direction of the fan are automatically controlled
  • Hot
    Automatic Wood Drying Control System (XINAN)

    Automatic Wood Drying Control System (XINAN)

    • high definition LED screen
    • multiple human-machine interface, automatic control of each actuator in the kiln
    • memory after power failure and alarm of abnormal state
  • Circulating Fanwood drying kiln project in Indonesia

    Circulating Fan

    • The circulating fan has size 6 (Φ 600mm), 8(Φ 800mm), and 10(Φ 1000mm).
    • The circulating fan is made of aluminum alloy adopting technology from Germany.
    • The fans features scientific dynamic and static balance tests, big air volume and high air pressure, and can run clockwise and counter-clockwise.
    • The motor is waterproof, high temperature-resistant and exempted from customs check.
  • Heating Coil

    Heating Coil

    • The coil uses stainless steel and aluminum bimetallic ribbed pipes.
    • The coil is light weight, less resistant to the steam, anticorrosive and high thermal efficiency.
    • It is also reasonably designed, fast and easy to install.
  • electric-valve9

    Electric Valve

    • The electric valve is made in Japan, Italy, and Germany.
    • It features small volume, high reliability, accurate control of temperature, and is efficient in heat-controlling and energy saving.
  • Moisture Content

    Temperature, relative humidity and moisture content

    • Six pairs of moisture content probes, 2 or more pairs of temperature and 2 EMC probes in every kiln.
    • The probes are made of stainless steel and joints are imported to ensure accurate measurement.
    • Signals are transported through special high temperature-resistant cables.
  • Vent Motor

    Vent Motor

    • The motor can be turned 0 to 90 degrees based on humidity inside in the kiln.
    • Automatic and manual operation can be switch outside of the kiln.
    • Made in Korea or Switzerland with superior performance and high reliability. The twisting torque can reach 16NM.