Project In Russia

Project In Russia

Project Description

Project In Russia

russia kiln

Model Series: XNQ-MaA

Chamber structure: all aluminum alloy

Heating method: steam


Located in Ust-Ilims city, all three kilns chamber are made of aluminum material, with 100m3 (2 sets) and 80m3(1 set) capacity separately and steam heating method.

kiln installion in Russia

kiln installation

Considering the special cold weather in winter, engineers added ceiling thickness to 250mm during the construction so as to bear 300~400kg/m2 snow ; Meanwhile, wall thickness up to 150mm, with fiberglass as the insulation material to insure kiln work normally in -30~-50℃ temperature.

Then the customer ordered more than 5 sets wood thermal modifying system equipment, which are applied in wood performance optimization after the drying process for furniture and flooring manufacturing demands: anti- corrosion, damp-proof, insect-control and deformation prevention.

modifying equipment in Russia

wood modifying equipment