How to choose the wood drying equipment

How to choose the wood drying equipment

Xinan wood drying systems to introduce how to choose the wood drying equipment:

1, The reproducibility of environmental conditions
In the test room is complete and accurate reproduction of the nature environment condition that can only dream of things. However, within a certain tolerance range, it will be completely correct and approximate simulation engineering products in the process of use, storage, transportation and other environmental conditions of the outside world.

2, Environmental conditions of repeatability
A environmental testing device could be used in many experiments of the same types of products, and a participant engineering products may also be tested in different environmental testing equipment, in order to ensure that the same product in the same environment as described in the test specification test under the condition of the comparability of the test results, inevitable requirement environment test equipment provided by the environmental conditions with repeatability. That is to say, environmental testing equipment applied in the stress level of test products (such as thermal stress, vibration stress, the electric stress, etc.) to the requirement of the same test specification is the same.

3,The environmental condition parameters measurement and control can be
Any environmental testing equipment provided by the environmental conditions must be observed and controlled, it is not only for the environmental parameters are limited within a certain tolerance range, to ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of the test conditions, and starting from the safety of product test is necessary, in order to prevent environmental conditions cause the damage of the subjects product out of control, and cause unnecessary losses. At present various kinds of test specification generally require the precision of parameter test should not be less than a third of the error of the test conditions allow.

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