Wood dry kiln FAQS

Wood drying kilns help to reduce the moisture content of wood before use, especially for commercial timber. After drying the timber in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried(KD) timber or lumber.

Most of commercial timber can be dried as designed, such as as ash, pine, larch, birch, beech, elm, maple, oak and the like green wood or high moisture content wood.

Users of wood drying kilns include housing constructions, furniture manufacturers, decking and flooring manufacturers, and other woodworking factories and companies for solid cloth hanger, wood photo frames. 

The kiln would dry the wood after a complete drying schedule, through specific kiln temperature, relative humidity and air circulations at different drying stages.

Common drying medium include steam, hot water through the boiler, gas, hot oil or electricity depending on customer’s requirement and budget.

The timber will be loaded by forklift or rail truck.

We provide kilns with stack capacity from 20 m3 to 200 m3 according to customer’s need. We build kilns according to structural drawings after analysis and discussion with the customer.

The production takes about one month, after signing the contract and payment. We will arrange for delivery after production.

Yes, we provide professional engineers for technical guidance outside of China during kiln installation and drying test run.

Yes, our XN-Q10 control system is very easy to use. You can choose from automatic and semi-automatic method. It also shows accurate temperature, humidity, air condition data on large LED screen.

There are 30 drying schedules for you to choose from, according to the timber species to dry.