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    indirect wood drying kiln

    Indirect-fired Heating Wood Drying Kilns

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    dehumidifying wood drying kiln

    Dehumidifying Wood drying Kiln

    • Design, manufacture, install and trial run the pneumatic dust removal system for wood machining workshop
    • Design and manufacture pneumatic dust removal system for sander.
    • Design and manufacture waste conveying-burning system.
    • Manufacture pneumatic separators with a variety of specifications.
    • Manufacture pneumatic pulse sack-like dust removers with a variety of specifications.
    • Manufacture residue conveying fans.
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    Wood Vacuum DryerWood Vacuum Dryer

    Wood Vacuum Dryer XNZ Series

    • Work in vacuum state and high negative pressure, with anti-corrosion chamber
    • Electric-valve control the heating system, with contact and hot-pressing method to heat
    • Water-ring vacuum pump: compact structure, large throughput, stable flow and reliable operation
    • Self-drainage during the work time, effective cooling system for work end
    • Quick, easy and high accuracy Electrical measuring method for wood moisture content
    • Semi- automatic/ automatic XN-VD10 Controller


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    Fast Drying Kilns for Soft WoodFast Drying Kilns for Soft Wood

    Fast Drying Kilns for Soft Wood

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    XNH-CS cylinder modifying equipment-1

    Wood Thermal Modified System (SNH Bimetallic Cylinder)

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    wood drying kiln4

    Wood Thermal Modified System (All-aluminum)

    • Developed by XINAN and Institute of Drying Technology of Nanjing Forestry University
    • The equipment can improve the function of the wood to fully develop as wood products.
    • XNH wood thermal modified system has two structures: all-aluminum assembled kiln and carbon steel and stainless steel composite cylinder.
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    wood drying kiln project in Indonesiawood drying kiln project in Indonesia

    XINAN Conventional Wood Drying Kiln

    • Automatic, semiautomatic or hand-operate control system
    • Kiln body can be all-aluminum or concrete and brick structure
    • The folio doors and hanging doors are highly airtight and flexible to close and open
    • The handing of wood is completed by forklift or the sliding vehicle with floor rail
    • Energy source of wood drying kilns can be steam, hot-water, hot-oil, gas, or electricity