The main working principle of wood drying machine

In wood drying machine normal operation, the fuel in the combustion chamber full burning, generate heat, heat drying system in fully absorbed by the drying medium, to produce the temperature of 170 degrees Celsius, the circulation fan, under the [...]

The formation of thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood namely carbonized wood/carbide wood, carbonized wood is divided into surface of carbonized wood and depth of the carbonized wood. Surface of carbonized wood is to use oxygen gun barbecue, make the wood surface with a thin layer [...]

The principle of dry wood

On the premise of guarantee the quality of dry improve the drying speed is the basic principles of dry wood. Drying quality requirement is that they have been dried wood end moisture content and drying uniformity can satisfy the [...]

Common materials of kiln dried wood

Kiln dried wood, common wood for softwood with Pinus koraiensis, masson pine, spruce yunnan pine, spruce mongolica, the red one, the scales, smelly fir, utilize modern cunninghamia lanceolata, cryptomeria, larch, changbai larch, long bract hemlock and dacrydium.Hard wood has [...]

How to kiln dry wood

Drying wood in large,Kiln drying removes more of the moisture than air-drying, thereby helping to reduce the chances of the wood splintering and warping. In addition, it ensures that there are no insects or mold existing inside of the [...]

Wood Drying Kiln Technologies

A variety of wood drying kiln technologies exist today: conventional, dehumidification, solar, vacuum and radio frequency. Conventional wood dry kilns are either package-type (sideloader) or track-type (tram) construction. Most hardwood lumber kilns are sideloader kilns in which fork trucks are [...]