What is thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood also known as carbonized wood.After dealing with the thermal modification of wood has excellent corrosion resistance and prevent erosion performance, and its own material also more stable.Won't appear easily cracking phenomenon.Especially after heat treatment of wood [...]

Thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood, namely carbonized wood/carbide wood.Carbonized wood is through carbonization processing timber, carbonization, carbon under the word is a fire, as the name suggests, must meet anhydrous, high temperature conditions, to protect the wood intensity, control the carbonization [...]

The formation of thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood namely carbonized wood/carbide wood, carbonized wood is divided into surface of carbonized wood and depth of the carbonized wood. Surface of carbonized wood is to use oxygen gun barbecue, make the wood surface with a thin layer [...]

The principle of dry wood

On the premise of guarantee the quality of dry improve the drying speed is the basic principles of dry wood. Drying quality requirement is that they have been dried wood end moisture content and drying uniformity can satisfy the [...]

Common materials of kiln dried wood

Kiln dried wood, common wood for softwood with Pinus koraiensis, masson pine, spruce yunnan pine, spruce mongolica, the red one, the scales, smelly fir, utilize modern cunninghamia lanceolata, cryptomeria, larch, changbai larch, long bract hemlock and dacrydium.Hard wood has [...]

Characteristics of vacuum wood drying kiln

Compared with the conventional drying, vacuum wood drying kiln can be achieved under the condition of low temperature rapid drying of wood, and ensure the quality of wood drying, largely avoid the generation of wood shrinkage defects.Through expert analysis [...]

Stacking of wood drying kiln

In the process of wood drying kiln stacking, the same kiln dried lumber should plant species and initial moisture content is almost the same, the same thickness and generally does not allow mixed. In the process of wood drying kiln [...]

Use of wood drying kiln

Wood drying kiln in the use of the process generally have the outer crack, internal crack, crack three cases. When stacking, material pile end of every article near the end pressure to align them up and down as far [...]