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thermally modified wood

Thermal modification on the plastic wood production technology has been in use for a long time, the utilization in the market has grown to consumers more and more attention of timber species. In addition, the supply and tropical timber [...]

The importance of wood drying equipment service

Wood in certain circumstances, after a long enough time, its moisture content will tend to be a balance value, in order to ensure that the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, so the use of wood drying equipment, is [...]

The control of the wood drying equipment

In the process of using wood drying equipment drying wood that can produce all kinds of defects, most is to be able to prevent or mitigate these defects. Below is my company to analyze the wood in drying process [...]

The purpose of wood drying

China's wood resource utilization is not high, and the waste wood, mostly due to wet unseasoned wood, or improper handling, resulting in lower wood, etc. even lost value. Fresh wood contains a lot of water, constantly evaporating water branch [...]

Dehumidification drying method of wood drying kiln

Dehumidification drying chamber of wood drying kiln is the use of refrigeration system make from wet air cooling dehumidifying wood drying kiln, at the same time by using the theory of heat pump recovery dehumidification process of water vapor [...]

The development potential of wood drying

According to relevant experts estimate that China's existing equipment drying capacity of about 4 million cubic meters of material, only need to dry sawn timber accounted for about 17% in 2000, and middle-income drying equipment ability,up to the required [...]

What is thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood also known as carbonized wood.After dealing with the thermal modification of wood has excellent corrosion resistance and prevent erosion performance, and its own material also more stable.Won't appear easily cracking phenomenon.Especially after heat treatment of wood [...]

Thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood, namely carbonized wood/carbide wood.Carbonized wood is through carbonization processing timber, carbonization, carbon under the word is a fire, as the name suggests, must meet anhydrous, high temperature conditions, to protect the wood intensity, control the carbonization [...]