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Wood drying kiln role

Wood drying kiln is an indispensable drying of wood drying one of the equipment, by the majority of consumers love, but also get the customer's trust. Wood drying equipment, what role, can play what kind of dry effect, the [...]

How do i choose the best kiln dried wood?

Wood drying kiln can drying different type of wood,then there has a question is that how do i choose the best kiln dried wood? Kiln drying allows operators to adjust the moisture content of wood, so you should choose wood [...]

Basic safety rules for wood working machines

Wood drying machine is one of the wood working machines,today we'll talk about the basic safety rules for wood working machines. Basic safety rules for wood working machines 1. Use mechanical feeding wherever possible. 2. Enclose all cutters and saw blades as [...]

Wood drying common defects and prevention method

There many ways to dry wood,wood dry kiln is one of them .Many defects that occur during drying result. From the shrinkage of wood as it dries. In particular, the defects result from uneven shrinkage in the different directions of [...]

The importance of wood drying

The 21st century is in a shortage of resources, will need much energy-saving and environmental protection, especially our timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce, but China's timber resource utilization is not high. The waste of timber, mostly due to [...]

How to choose the wood drying equipment

Xinan wood drying systems to introduce how to choose the wood drying equipment: 1, The reproducibility of environmental conditions In the test room is complete and accurate reproduction of the nature environment condition that can only dream of things. However, within [...]