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Jiangsu XINAN Wood drying Equipment Co., LTD and Institute of Drying Technology of Nanjing Forestry University specialize in scientific research and equipment production in wood drying. XINAN closely cooperates with Nanjing Forestry University and combines production and scientific research. It is staffed with experts with years of experiences in wood drying and dedicated to research, production and customer service. XINAN has been awarded with a variety of prizes and patents. It is headquartered in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province and factory is located in Jiangyin, a developed city in Jiangsu Province.

Wood drying Equipment

Wood drying kiln produced by XINAN are now in used not only in many furniture manufacturers, timber floor plants, cabinet work plants, shipyard and rolling stock plants in the north, south, east, southeast and southwest of china but also in southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia and Ukraine, XINAN enjoys great prestige both at home and abroad for the excellent performance and reliability of its products.

In order to preserve precious national broad-leaved forest, more and more importance is attached to artificial needle-bearing trees by more nations all over the world.

To meet this trend, XINAN cooperated comprehensively with Vortex Engineering LTD of New Zealand, introduced the technology on drying of New Zealand pine and soft wood from Vortex Engineering LTD as well as experiences of wood drying from Tachikawa Forest Products LTD of Japan. XINAN produced  its own equipments for fast drying of soft wood in 2004. The first 3 sets of such equipment have been put into operation in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province.

XINAN has been making ceaseless efforts to improve wood drying technology and equipments with its out standing experts and abundant experiences and will always do its best for wood processing industry all over the world.


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