Wood dry equipment for soft wood

XVT fast wood drying kiln  takes the advanced technology of WINDSOR Engineering Ltd in New Zealand which developed for 20 years.
Pneumatic wood dust removal conveying burning system

A large quantity of chips, shavings and dust produced in the machining process are sucked into central dust collector and them forced to pass through the separator to enter the silo.
Wood drying equipment(All aluminum conventional )

All-aluminum wood dry equipment housing is composed of AL panels, insulation layers, columns and trusses, inner covering is aluminum panel, outer covering is aluminum panel too. Insulation layer is..
Wood thermal modification

XNH wood thermal modifying system heated by hot-oil or electricity is developed by Institute of Drying Technology of Nanjing Forestry University and Jiangyin XINAN Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
wood dry kiln

Indirect-fired heating system. The principle of this system is similar to steam heating system. The combustion gas from burning of wood residue is ...
Wood Dry Equipment Manufacturer-Jiangsu XINAN Drying Equipment Co., Ltd

Institute of Drying Technology of Nanjing Forestry University and Jiangsu XINAN Wood Drying Systems Co., LTD are specialized entities with solid technical strength in scientific research and equipment making on wood drying. They belonging to NFU., are modern high-tech enterprises incorporating production, study and scientific research. They have 2Ph.D advisors, 5 well-known professors and expert enjoying government allowance from the State Council. Several experts with PH.D and Master Degree pursue research and practice on wood drying kiln technology,wood dry equipment and wood dry equipment control system over a long period of time and have been awarded a variety of prizes and honors. Their headquarter is set up in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province and their factory is located in Jiangyin, a developed city in Jiangsu province.